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A Kentucky-born singer-songwriter, Jimmy performs in dusty bars and historic theaters from Austin to Seattle, San Francisco to Nashville and beyond. Raised in El Paso, his sound is rooted in the Texas troubadour tradition.  His songs reflect the familiar spirit of country music as it blends with the sounds he grew up on – classic country, rock, border Norteña, and the spontaneous, freestyle of the mariachi street musicians of Juarez. An Americana Music top-40 artist and three time, first-round Grammy nominee, his guitar is the needle that weaves the yarn through the fabric of lost memories and forgotten dreams.

 Even if you are not familiar with Mr. Baldwin’s music, you have most likely seen his creative work. From his award-winning Motel 6 commercials with Tom Bodett, and his sun-baked beach spots for Corona beer which Jimmy Fallon parodied on Saturday Night Live, to his directorial debut honored by Wim Wenders and Dennis Hopper, Jimmy’s creative work has become part of the American cultural landscape